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"Weee are the Champions..." of the Aqua Nor Innovation Award 2023

Things have (almost) settled after a very fun and busy Aqua Nor week in Trondheim. We are back to working with our customers and following up on new potential deals and collaborations.

First of all, it felt amazing to win the Innovation Award. This is something our whole team, back in Canada and in Norway, has worked for in the last couple of years. It is not only a recognition of entrepreneurship and hard work, but also that the industry sees the need for a tool that can be part of increasing our knowledge around fish health and welfare. It was not only we who won, but all of our customers as well; they have pushed the product to what it is today (and more will come soon). Thank you! We are extremely proud to be nominated for the Fish Welfare Award as well, even though we did not win. We are sending all our respects and praises to Arbeidsgruppe Havbruk, who won. And not the least, all of the other nominees. We fully believe that we can not change the problems concerning fish welfare only by ourselves, we need to do it together.

Since our last update in May, a new team member has boarded our ship. Sebastian Gjertsen is our new Customer Success Coordinator, and will be working tightly with all of our current and future customers and collaborators. A great asset to our team, who also had some words to share:

I am thrilled to take the next step in my career and to learn from an inspiring team in Sensor Globe. They have proven themselves to deliver a unique product to the market, earning nominations for the Fish Welfare Award, and not the least, winning the Innovation Award (!). The power of technology to drive positive change in the industry is evident, and I am excited to be part of this process. I could really not have started at a better time.

Sebastian has a broad background and have previously worked both at sea farms and land-based facilities, in addition to working in the intersection of fish welfare and technology. He has a B.Sc. in Biomarine Innovation, combining Marine and Aquaculture studies with Business and Management courses. He also has a M.Sc. in Ocean Resources, which focuses on Aquaculture and Marine biology.

In an industry where technology has always been a cornerstone, we are now witnessing a transformative shift in its application. I believe tech companies such as Sensor Globe help the customers to take the next step in the right direction, and by that change the behaviour of the industry and achieve its desired long-term goals to decrease mortality rates and increase fish welfare. I am excited to embark on the mission to help our customers use a complex technology in an easy and manageable way. Together we can take the next step.

And with that, we end this update with some behind-the-scenes pictures taken during the Aqua Nor:

"We are the champions, my friends..." was sung during our karaoke night after our win. However, we did not win any prices that night.

Until next time,

Team Sensor Globe

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