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data analyses

Easily explore the hidden treasure of knowledge behind your data. Connect with your Sensor Globe and start analyzing.

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Comprehensive Real Time Data

User friendly on all operating systems. Connect and control your Sensor Globe's with the ability to monitor and warn you if parameters drop without your threshold range.

Mobile Application

  • Wireless connection

  • Notifications on your own set Thresholds

  • User Calibration and Exporting

Web Dashboard and Analytics

  • Real time data analyses

  • Remote data sharing

  • Exporting and Integrations

Used throughout the value chain

Superior accuracy with optical sensor technology that provides insight into blidspots from hatchery to harvest. Thus enabling farmers to respond to mortality and product quality loss in real time.


Analytical Insights

The markets most modern and robust user interface. Cloud-stored-data ready to be analysed and auto reported in the Web Dashboard.

App & Data Dashboard

Once connected, the real-time data will be displayed alongside the battery life percentage, the connection strength, and the logging status - both in the Sensor Globe App and Data Dashboard.

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