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Pressure is rising

Updated: Feb 6

Our new sensor has arrived! The development team has diligently worked to integrate a cutting-edge pressure sensor into our Sensor Globe. Therefore, Sebastian spent the entire week in field, conducting tests with some of our customers in the Trondheim area. His week was also enriched by attending the NCE Aquatech conference and engaging with students during the Marine Night at NTNU.

On Tuesday, we ventured to Oksvoll to evaluate the pressure sensor using SMIR's Hydrolicer. Martin from Smir accompanied us, providing valuable insight to their system and surprisingly good weather. We conducted various tests to assess the sensor's accuracy and precision, and the results were promising. With minor adjustments, this tool will be important for monitoring pressure and collelate it to welfare during operations in the years ahead.

Wednesday took us to the NCE Aquatech and the Norwegian Seafood Federation conference – Aquaculture, Technology, and Service Conference 2024. It was an excellent chance to network with industry professionals and, importantly, students. Adrian Hansø, among many, showcased his MSc project through a poster presentation. His and similar minds are in high demand in the intersection of technology and biology. We appreciate the engagement!

Thursday challenged us with a storm as we visited another client, Lerøy Midt Belsvik. Despite the cold, we received a warm reception and a comprehensive tour of their extensive facility. We collected data through several pumps and systems to validate and ensure the quality of our sensor – another successful test.

That evening, Sebastian had the privilege of speaking at the Marine Night 2024 student seminar, part of the MSc program in Ocean Resources. A special thanks to Njord Student Organisation for the invitation. We're now returning to the development team to complete the commercialization of our new sensor(s) in the coming weeks. Let's get to work!

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