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Bergen, May 6th - 8th


The team will be attending HavExpo 2024 in Bergen during May 6th to 8th.

We are excited to announce our completely new product during the conference and you can see it at:

Stand A-191 / Contact us


The ultimate solution for monitoring live welfare during crowding operations.

Copy of sensor_globe_array_R003.png

Equipped with a light for visual alarms, antenna for long distance connections, big battery (rechargeable) for extended use and a handle to easily deploy it by hand or a crane.




Sensors monitor essential welfare indicators and alert the user before suboptimal conditions occur. Sensors are custom-mounted for your required depths.

Easy and quick calibration keeps sensors highly accurate, with low sensor drift over time. Safe to clean and disinfect before and after use.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 16-31-14 Kopi av Brochure.png

Interested in the Crowding Companion?

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