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Precision monitoring of crowding operations


Introducing Sensor Globe's Crowding Companion, a revolutionary solution poised to transform the landscape of aquaculture operations. Born from years of industry expertise and research, the Crowding Companion offers unparalleled insights into fish welfare and production efficiency.


Designed to optimize crowding operations, the Crowding Companion features advanced sensors and intelligent monitoring capabilities, providing real-time data on oxygen levels, water quality, and fish behaviour. Its user-friendly interface empowers aquaculture professionals to make informed decisions, ensuring optimal conditions for fish health and reducing stress during critical operations.


With its modular design and seamless integration, the Crowding Companion adapts to diverse aquaculture environments, offering flexibility and reliability unmatched in the industry.


From improving fish welfare to enhancing operational efficiency, the Crowding Companion redefines what's possible in aquaculture management, pioneering a new era of sustainable and profitable fish farming.



  • Constructed with robust materials to withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Offers full customization of depth between Sensor Globes and parameters measured, providing flexibility to meet specific monitoring needs.


  • Designed for easy transport and deployment, simplifying setup and operation in aquaculture environments.


  • Equipped with advanced sensors for monitoring key water quality parameters including dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, and temperature, ensuring comprehensive data collection.


  • Includes a crane connection for precise positioning during crowding operations, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.


  • Features a dynamic light alarm system for real-time visualization of changes in environmental conditions, enhancing situational awareness at the edge of the net pen or land based facility .


  • Fully integrated with a cloud-based platform for seamless data management, analysis, and sharing, enabling easy access to critical information.


  • Equipped with a disinfection sleeve for easy calibration and cleaning, ensuring optimal sensor performance and accuracy.

Fish Welfare Documentation

The Crowding Companion stands out for its dedication to advancing aquaculture sustainability. With its innovative design and technology, it significantly improves operational efficiency while collecting data on fish welfare indicators.


By providing real-time insights into water quality and fish health, the Crowding Companion enables aquaculture operators to optimize their practices, reduce harm to biomass, and promote responsible stewardship of the aquaculture industry throughout the most stressful operations .

Additionally, its durable construction and long-term durability contribute to a more sustainable future for the aquaculture industry, aligning with the growing demand for fish welfare documentation.

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Why the Crowding Companion?

The Crowding Companion revolutionizes aquaculture management by offering real-time identification of key fish welfare indicators, empowering farmers to proactively address potential issues before they escalate.


By continuously monitoring water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH, g-force and temperature, as well as biomass concentration, the system ensures optimal conditions for fish health and growth during mission critical processes such as crowding.


This proactive approach helps mitigate appetite suppression caused by stressful events during crowding operations, ultimately minimizing losses and maximizing profitability for aquaculture farmers. With its ability to provide actionable insights into fish welfare in real time, the Crowding Companion sets a new standard for sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices.

Technical Specifications

Lithium Ion - 1 Year*

5 seconds to 1 hour





3 to 6

1 to 3


Measurement Frequency


Length (storage)


Float Diameter


Sensor Globes

*Estimated based on battery size


Dissolved Oxygen



G-force and shock




Pro - Document fish welfare indicators to reduce stress pro-actively within sea based

Precision - Divulge into understanding land based operations with real time data

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