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Fish Welfare and Innovation Award nominees

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We are proud to announce that we are a finalist for the Aqua Nor innovation award in addition to the fish welfare award organized by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and The Institute of Marine Research. We look forward to the announcement at the event and look forward to meeting up with our trusted customers.  Please continue to scroll below for more information about our Sensor Globe platform and how our innovative customers are decreasing mortality events. 

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Dissolved oxygen

Sufficient dissolved oxygen is highly necessary to support normal metabolism, growth and immune function. Too high (Hyperoxia) or too low (Hypoxia) will cause physiologic stress, stagnated growth, reduced swimming capacity or ultimately lead to death.

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There is an inverse realtionship between DO and temperature, which means higher temperature = lower DO. Rapid temperature changes will cause metabolic changes and lower the immune system, leading to increased susceptibility to diseases and parasites.

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High acceleration and impacts with hard surfaces can cause a pressure gradient in the brain and lead to blood vessels to burst and celebral hemorrhage to occur. In addition to head injuries, other parts of the fish are also highly susceptible to serious shock injuries, such as fins, scales and bones.

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The ocean acts as a buffer system, always in equilibrium around pH 8. However, high densities of fish can change the local level. High pH can cause osmotic stress and reduce uptake of essential nutrients. Low pH affects ion balance, metabolism, growth and reproductivety.

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